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Automate Small Molecule Drug Discovery and Development Workflow Processes


  • Event driven, automated workflows with built in flexibility that can adapt to the needs of a Drug Discovery lab
  • Seamless vendor agnostic integration across the lab, from ELN to multiple instrument types including cloud-based services such as Office 365, OneDrive or Box
  • Capture transactional steps and data for review and reconstruction of past work
  • Event driven notifications of steps needing review or action by the lab team

Data Integrity

Simple Instruments

  • Data integrity and maintaining a GxP compliant environment for simple instruments that do not have a connected PC has historically been a challenge, requiring a combination of manual lab notation and witnessing.
  • Scitara DLX™ brings this process in to the 21st century using a unique Scitara secure IoT device that is linked to the device by a hash code.
  • The IoT device may be identified by a QR code scanned by a phone or tablet. After scanning the users must log in establishing a clear chain of custody. The Scitara DLX user interface provides control of the device and all actions are captured by the Scitara DLX audit trail. Once the data is captured, it becomes part of the Scitara DLX™ event stream . The ability to add notes and a picture or video of the activity is supported.

Data Integrity for Data in Flight

  • Within Scitara DLX™, data in flight between instruments, applications or repositories are managed by Scitara DLX™ Orchestrations and become part of the Event Stream.
  • Orchestrated activities that take place within the Event Stream are all tracked and logged in the Scitara DLX™ Audit Trail establishing a clear chain of custody as data is moved, merged or transformed.
  • This allows reconstruction of complete workflows weeks, months or years after the fact and extends support for GxP compliant processes to data in flight.

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