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Scitara DLXTM Data Mobility Platform:
Benchling Lab Notebook Demonstration

One environment to connect every asset!

Scitara’s DLXTM data mobility technology is the industry’s first true iPaaS for Science—connecting instruments, applications, and systems to a vendor-agnostic, peer-to-peer platform. 

Watch the video demo to see how you can quickly and easily use Benchling and DLX together to: 

  • Take temperature and humidity readings from remote lab sensors
  • Submit and execute weighing requests
  • Add samples to Chromatography sequences, send to a CDS for data acquisition, and retrieve results
  • Locate, parse, and return instrument files
  • Use connectors include standard DLX Webservice, serial interface, Windows File connectors, and Branded DLX CDS instrument connectors

See how easy it is to connect Benchling ELN to a variety of lab instruments, ELNs, data lakes, and other software, send, and retrieve data with just a few clicks.

Discover why Scitara DLX outperforms other integration approaches with our comprehensive comparison chart:

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