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Scitara Digital Lab Exchange (DLX™)

Unlock the Power of Automation


  • Simple devices
  • Instrument Applications
  • Informatics Systems
  • Web Services


  • Event driven lab workflows
  • User and Group Notification
  • Business logic and processing for data in flight
  • Automated data transfer between instruments and applications


  • Instrument status/availability
  • Workflow progress
  • Instrument/Application inventory
  • Digital transactional activity
The Analytic Lab

Current State

The current state of Lab Integration has not changed much over the past 20 years. Point to point bespoke solutions dominate. Over time they become challenging to support and do not well serve lab efficiency or productivity at a holistic level.

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The Analytic Lab

With Scitara Digital Lab Exchange (DLX™)

  • Unparalleled data connectivity in scientific laboratories – our unique plug-and-play connector technology ensures no data, device instrument, application, or web service is left behind
  • Unrivaled automation of laboratory workflows – with our powerful and easy to use orchestration engine, the majority of routine, complex, and repetitive tasks can be automated, along with intelligent user notifications and remote working capabilities
  • Unprecedented insights into laboratory and scientific operations – our monitoring system ensures every data transaction in the lab is captured and made available for further analysis and decision making

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