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Connect Your Lab. Accelerate Scientific

Data integration and workflow automation for fast, accurate, compliant science. Scitara DLX is a cloud-based platform built to improve productivity, ensure data integrity, and support AI/ML initiatives.

Meet the DLX platform

Connect all lab assets, automate data workflows, and monitor digital transactions with pre-built connectors, efficient orchestrations, and detailed compliance checks.


Connect all lab instruments and lab systems with pre-built connectors in the DLX Connector Library.


Automate data workflows with a no/low code, drag-and-drop DLX Orchestration Editor.


Monitor all digital transactions in the DLX Event Stream viewer to ensure integrity for data in flight.

Explore DLX
Benefits by Area

Both R&D and QC labs in process-based industries use DLX to gain lab workflow efficiencies.

Research & Development

Innovate faster. Learn how DLX accelerates scientific discovery and development for R&D labs.


Optimize production efficiency. See how bioprocessing labs use DLX to scale effectively at greater speeds.

Quality Control Batch Release

Ensure quick, accurate testing that meets today’s rigorous compliance standards. Read how DLX reduces QC turnaround times with fewer errors and enhanced data integrity.

Our Partners

No instrument or Application Left Behind is the Foundation of Pharma 4.0

The International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE) Pharma 4.0™ Special Interest Group (SIG) was created to understand Industry 4.0 and how it relates to the specific requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. As a result, Pharma 4.0 came into being to expand the principles of Industry 4.0 into a pharmaceutical environment. Pharma 4.0 represents the next phase in the industry, as pharma companies across the board catch up in embracing fourth-generation technologies and processes.

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“Scitara’s core business is the movement of data and data integration, and they were not selling other pieces that we may or may not need as part of the package.”

—QC Leader Top 10 Pharma

“The amount of time lab assistants are spending on the documentation is huge. If we consider how much time they’re spending before DLX, we expect a 20–25% reduction”

—QC Leader Top 10 Pharma

“It’s not just the platform but also having access to experts with functional experience and technical skills.”

—QC Leader Top 10 Pharma