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Scitara partners with Waters to provide robust lab connectivity and data management

This agreement provides labs with integrated software and infrastructure solutions that
help to streamline workflows and accelerate product development with the ultimate
outcome of bringing new solutions to market faster.

To learn more, please read the Press Release.

Connect your lab assets

Mobilize your data.

Automate your workflows

Improve productivity and go faster.

Modernize your lab

Accelerate your digital transformation.

Connect everything. Compromise nothing.

The first iPaaS for Science, our DLX technology connects every instrument, application and system in the lab to an independent, peer-to-peer platform. So you can control where data goes and share it freely across your lab enterprise, unlocking the power of automation.

Learn how the industry’s first iPaaS modernizes lab infrastructure and advances science.

Learn how DLX technology decouples data connectivity from data aggregation.

Learn how DLX has helped industry leaders modernize their labs and increase productivity.

Scitara Partners

Automate. Accelerate. Innovate.

The Scitara DLXTM automates workflows to reduce human error and optimize human capital. The result? Improved accuracy, greater efficiency and accelerated time-to-market.

And by eliminating silos, point-to-point connections and vendor-controlled data repositories, it enables the free exchange of clean, reliable data across every touchpoint in your lab environment.

The fastest route from data to discovery.

Our DLX technology transforms lab infrastructure, eliminating the silos that delay and disrupt critical research.


Seamlessly integrate legacy systems with new technologies within a common digital infrastructure.


Automate tasks, enable intelligent user notifications and exchange data securely across the entire platform.


Capture and reconstruct data at any time to gather insight into lab operations and accelerate decision-making.

“Scitara’s core business is the movement of data and data integration, and they were not selling other pieces that we may or may not need as part of the package.”

—QC Leader Top 10 Pharma

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