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Scitara DLX Platform: Connect, Automate and Monitor Your Digital Lab

Scitara DLX supports three core functions — Connect, Automate, and Monitor — in a single platform to support centralized management of all integrations and orchestrations across a diverse lab ecosystem. Eliminate manual transcription errors, ensure data integrity, and standardize data collection and workflow practices for time and cost savings.


Get seamless integration between cloud and on-premises endpoints, including simple benchtop instruments, complex instruments, and informatics applications and systems — regardless of vendor.

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Eliminate manual data entry and non-value added workflow steps. Scitara DLX gives you the power to automate lab workflows easily, with little-to-no coding experience needed.

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The DLX Web Console allows lab administrators to have unprecedented insights into your digital lab. Monitor status of all connections, in-process orchestrations and completed orchestrations.

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Benefits of a Connected Lab Ecosystem

  • Universal connectivity
    Enjoy the benefits of vendor-specific connectors in a vendor-agnostic platform. Unlike instrument connections within a single LIMS or ELN, DLX enables bidirectional connectivity across your entire lab ecosystem.
  • Unlock the Benefits of Automation
    Manual tasks inhibit workflow efficiency and can create regulatory compliance risk. Automation enables better data accuracy, higher productivity and reduced compliance risk.
  • Optimize human capital
    Automating manual, repetitive tasks enables lab staff to  spend more time on value-added activities.
  • True data mobility
    Freedom to mobilize your data at will: where you want, when you want, and in the format you want.
  • Reduce cost
    Reduce costs associated with rework loops caused by human error and reduce costs associated with managing customized, point-to-point integrations.
  • Lab IT risk mitigation
    Digitally decoupling data connectivity from data aggregation and storage reduces risk of vendor dependency, allowing a composable architecture with flexibility and best of breed solutions.

Connect, Automate, Monitor: Monitor Digital Lab Activity, Enhance Data Integrity, and Ensure Compliance With Scitara DLX™

Laboratories are at the forefront of innovation, continually pushing boundaries to bring new drugs and therapies to market. This pursuit of excellence demands a robust data mobility infrastructure that provides flexibility to facilitate Discovery and Research while also supporting GxP environments for Development and QC/Manufacturing.

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Scitara DLX is a cloud-based Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS), built on a modern, event-driven, and service-oriented architecture. DLX leverages modular systems that enable your applications to evolve independently, managing their own dependencies and requirements.

Microservice-based structure
DLX uses a modular architecture to enable easy scaling of individual components and high performance under varying user loads and data volumes.

Deployed on kubernetes
DLX’s application management platform enables stability and rapid response to dynamic workloads.

Standard, secure communication protocols
We use well-established best practices for seamless integration without compromising data privacy or customization settings.

Optimized processing and storage
DLX combines the best of Kafka and MongoDB to provide efficient real-time data processing and storage.

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The DLX platform offers an easy-to-use yet comprehensive platform for laboratory data mobility and management across organizations of all sizes, from R&D to Bioprocessing to QC labs and IT departments.

Learn more about how different teams benefit from the platform to see how DLX fits your needs.