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In an industry dominated by massive instrument and application vendors, Scitara offers an era-defining breakthrough powered by a neutral, third-party perspective. We’ve worked in labs for decades, understand the challenges of point-to-point technologies and have made it possible to break down the silos and liberate the data.

Scitara has a well defined information security framework compliant to ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management Systems and SOC II Standards. Our vendor-agnostic, iPaaS for Science enables science-based industries to integrate new and legacy instruments, applications and web services into a common, cloud-based platform. The result? Real-time data exchange that accelerates time to market—and scientific discovery.

10 things to know about Scitara


Scitara is a young company of industry veterans who deeply understand the challenges of lab asset integration


Scitara DLX, the first iPaaS for Science, is a novel, modern approach to lab asset integration and data workflow automation


Scitara DLX was designed from the ground up to be deployed in regulated laboratories


Four top 20 pharma customers are in the process of scaling the deployment of Scitara DLX across their global laboratories


Scitara is partnered with the largest players in the laboratory ecosystem, including Accenture, AWS, LabVantage, Waters, Agilent, Thermo, IDBS, Revvity Signals, Benchling, Snowflake


Scitara DLX is not a destination application; it is data mobility infrastructure


Scitara DLX harmonizes data in different formats and supports any data format/standard the customer wants to use


Scitara DLX has connected to over 500 different lab assets and counting


The event stream in Scitara DLX provides the highest level of data integrity for data in flight


Ajit Nagral is a serial entrepreneur who has built multiple companies in the Life Science and Technology domain. Before Scitara, he was also the founder of many successful PharmaTech and scientific process outsourcing companies. He has over 30 years of experience in the life sciences industry and has been recognized as a visionary leader and innovator. [Pharma’s Almanac | Ajit Nagral]

Industry veterans, big thinkers & problem-solvers

Ajit Nagral

CEO & Chairman

Seasoned entrepreneur who has built multiple companies in the Life Science and Technology Domain: Megaware, NuGenesis Technologies, Sciformix Corp. and Scitara Corp.

Geoff Gerhardt, Ph.D.

Chief Technology Officer, Co-Founder

Over 25 years leading R&D teams producing innovative technologies and products: Waters Corp., J&W Scientific Technologies and Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Vinayak Purohit

Chief Financial Officer

Senior Finance Professional with over 40 years of Corporate Finance experience across various industries. Headed Finance for GE India, HT Media, Thomas Cook India, and Sciformix.

Jeff R. Mazzeo, Ph.D.

Chief Marketing Officer

Recently appointed Chief Marketing Officer, Jeff a marketing innovator, brings 30 years of experience in life sciences, Waters Corp.

Fran Bates

VP – Customer Success

Over 25 years experience delivering customer success: CambridgeSoft, PerkinElmer, Sciformix.

Dave Levy

Vice President of Strategy, Partnerships

30 years of product and global account management. Introduced several game-changing products to market: Waters Corp., NuGenesis Technologies, CambridgeSoft Inc. and PerkinElmer Inc.

Nigel Heredia

VP of Operations

Senior executive and strategic level operations leader and manager at Scitara Corporation Ltd from Aug 2022 to date, heading Project Management, Service Delivery and Support.

Our board

Ajit Nagral

CEO & Chairman

Seasoned entrepreneur who has built multiple companies in the Life Science and Technology Domain: Megaware, NuGenesis Technologies, Sciformix Corp. and Scitara Corp.

Andrea Jackson

Board Member

Director, Nortpond Ventures. Andrea has been working with convergent technologies for over 15 years. She has held leadership positions at PerkinElmer, Merck Millipore.

Rohit Khanna, Ph.D.

Board Member

Founder of Dynamic Solutions Corp. leader at Waters Corp., and a board member of multiple industry-leading organizations, Rohit brings nearly four decades of leadership experience to the table.

Chip Hazard

Board Member

General Partner at FlyBridge. Over 25 years of venture investing and board experience, Chip’s investment interests span companies and technologies across the information technology sector.

“A team of industry veterans, we’ve dedicated our careers to lab informatics innovation—and we’re committed to solving the decades-old data connectivity challenge. We know our solutions are foundational to laboratory digital transformation, which will help accelerate scientific discovery.”

—Ajit Nagral, CEO & Chairman