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Discover Scitara Academy

Learn how to implement Digital Lab Exchange (DLX) technology.

Become an expert

Interested in implementing and deploying the world’s first iPaaS for science? Scitara Academy offers an on-demand e-learning platform that reduces the need for external support and maximizes the return on your investment.

  • Install DLX and connector technologies
  • Develop integration workflows
  • Ensure standard and custom validation
  • Deploy upgrades to the iPaaS platform
  • Achieve certifications that enhance professional credentials

Get started

Scitara Academy’s Foundation-level curriculum employs a variety of e-learning formats, including video lectures, interactive simulations, hands-on exercises and assessments. It trains DLX users on system administration, building connections and Orchestrations, and adding new endpoints to the DLX platform.

Our Foundation curriculum modules include:

  • Overview of Scitara DLX
    • DLX Application Overview
    • Overview of Connectors and Connections
    • Overview of Orchestrations
  • Scitara DLX User Administration
  • User/User Group and User Role creation
  • Event Stream and Audit Trail DLX Connections
  • Microsoft 365 Excel Connector
  • Microsoft 365 One Drive Connector
  • Windows File System Connector
  • Data Store

“Scitara is excited to provide a professional learning platform for our customers created by our product specialists, instructional designers, and media experts. Our goal is to accelerate the adoption of DLX technology so customers can rapidly realize the business value of instrument integration. Scitara Academy helps us achieve that goal.”

—Fran Bates, VP of Customer Success, Scitara

Expand your expertise

Each Scitara Academy course is developed and delivered by experienced trainers and subject matter experts. It will soon be expanded to offer Intermediate and Advanced levels of certification that provide access to the Scitara Library—a suite of digital assets that facilitate Orchestration development.

If you are a Scitara customer and want access to Scitara Academy, please fill out this form. If you are not yet a DLX customer and want to learn more, please go to the contact us page.