A Message to Our Partners

A Message to our Partners:


We have embraced the modern laboratories instrument and application diversity in its entirety and are powering the journey of connecting any instrument, application, informatics system or web service to our Scitara DLX™ connectivity backbone. Our goal is to allow any of the instrument or software application peers connected to Scitara DLX™, to be able to exchange data and engage in bi-directional communication at will.

We know we cannot do this alone. While we have created the underlying digital data backbone and a powerful infrastructure to connect lab devices and applications, the wide diversity of instruments and applications, including those that are internally developed requires a broader call to action.

To ensure that no instrument or application is left behind, we have created an open system enabling instrument and application vendors, as well as end users to either partner with us or write their own Connectors for user within the Scitara DLX™ platform.  Whether you are an instrument manufacturer, an application vendor, a lab informatics systems vendor, a service provider, or a scientific organization with one or one thousand labs, if you are interested in partnering with us to build Connectors for you, or if you are interested in building your own Connectors and contributing to the Scitara DLX™ Connector library, please reach out through one of the following channels.

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Together we can overcome the last mile lab data connectivity challenge, and in doing so, we can shape the success of science-based industry’s digital transformation. We look forward to working with you.

Ajit, Geoff, Vinayak, Guy, Dave, Michelle

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