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Plug in. Power Up.TM

Join the digital revolution

Scitara enables instrument and informatics vendors of all sizes to seamlessly integrate their products into any lab infrastructure through a configurable plug-in. Designed to harness the power of emerging tech while effectively lowering costs, it paves the way for your customers’ digital transformation.

True systems integration

Our iPaaS for Science makes it easy to connect your product to every device, instrument, system and service in your customers’ labs. And makes it possible for your clients to support legacy systems, add new ones and capitalize on the promise of Industry 4.0.

True data mobility

By connecting hardware and software across the entire lab enterprise, we’re able to solve the challenges created by restrictive point-to-point connections that trap data in siloes and slow progress. In this scalable, integrated environment, data flows freely across the entire lab enterprise—and can be accessed, exchanged or captured on-demand.

Get Scitara-Connected

Our open systems architecture makes it easy for us to build custom Connectors for your products—and even allows you to write your own for use within our platform. It couldn’t be easier to help your customers create a fully connected, fully compliant lab infrastructure.

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