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Scitara DLX Solutions

With pre-built connectors, an orchestration editor, and advanced monitoring capabilities, Scitara DLXTM offers a comprehensive set of tools to automate your lab workflows. Whether you’re working in R&D, Bioprocessing, or QC, DLX gives you full control to meet your data mobility requirements.

Research & Development

Accelerate scientific discovery and new product development.

Explore DLX for R&D


Optimize your upstream and downstream bioprocessing.

Explore DLX for Bioprocessing

Quality Control Batch Release

Cut turnaround times, errors, and costs while maintaining compliance and data integrity.

Explore DLX for Quality Control

Unified Integration for All Your Labs

Looking for a solution that can meet the data mobility requirements across all of your labs? Whether in R&D, Bioprocessing or QC – or all three – Scitara can help.

Scitara DLX offers a holistic, centralized way to manage integrations and orchestrations across all instruments, applications, and informatics systems from Discovery through Quality Control.

Empowering Lab IT Teams

The Scitara organization is committed to empowering lab IT teams with our DLX solution. Here’s how DLX can help lab IT teams meet the lab data management needs of their scientific business partners.

Centralized Management of Integrations
If you’re using your LIMS and ELN to connect and integrate lab assets, your insight is limited. With Scitara DLX you can manage and monitor all connections and integrations across multiple lab systems.

Composable Architecture
DLX helps labs move from a monolithic, all-in-one systems to a modular, composable architecture so you can choose best-of-breed components for your lab tech stack.

Commercial Connector Technologies
Don’t burden your lab IT teams with constant build, update and test work cycles found in custom, point-to-point integrations.

Take a look at the DLX platform for yourself to see how easy it is to bring your lab into the future.