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Scitara DLX for R&D Labs

Accelerate the discovery and development of new products. R&D experiments generate enormous amounts of data, and managing that data is costly and time consuming. Automating management tasks with DLX helps R&D teams hit NPD goals faster and at lower cost.

ELN Connectors
Seamlessly integrate with widely used ELNs such as Revvity Signals, Benchling, and IDBS.

Data Repository Connectors
Connect to your data lakes with ease, supporting platforms like Snowflake’s Data Cloud™ and Amazon RedShift™.

Application Connectors
Connect with popular laboratory applications including SoftMax Pro, Thermo Scientific™ Chromeleon™, Agilent OpenLab™, Shimadzu Lab Solutions™, Cytiva UNICORN™, FlowJo™, and more.

Instrument Connectors
Connect a variety of instruments effortlessly, including plate readers, pH meters, balances, cell counters, titrators, densitometers, colorimeters, and osmometers.

Automate Complex Processes

Your most complex lab data workflows can be easily automated with DLX’s custom orchestrations. Save time and money by automating common processes like:

  • Parse instrument reports
  • Send instrument results to ELN
  • Send complete data set to data lake

Monitor in Real Time

Enjoy detailed oversight of your lab operations with DLX’s monitoring features for unprecedented insight across your entire lab ecosystem, including:

  • Real-time monitoring of connections and orchestrations
  • Centralized management for all integrations
  • Event stream and audit trail to track historical data movement

Benefits of DLX for R&D Labs

Adopt FAIR Data Principles
DLX can apply a structured schema to consistently format your data, enhancing findability and accessibility for future use by scientists or AI/ML.

Accelerate Innovation

Optimize your lab data workflows to get R&D done faster. Scitara DLX’s data integration and orchestration features enable you to:

  • Improved data mobility to overcome data silos
  • Eliminate potential error from manual data management
  • Faster time from sample run to data analysis
  • Richer data sets enable deeper insights
  • Accelerate data exchange between internal and external collaborators

Enable AI Insights

DLX pumps high-quality, context-rich data streams from all of your instruments, applications and systems into data repositories like data lakes, where you can build and deploy LLM and ML models. Unlock new insights like:

  • Discover new product opportunities from existing data
  • Predict when a lab asset will need maintenance
  • Identify opportunities to streamline workflows

Take a look at the DLX platform for yourself to see how easy it is to bring your lab into the future.