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Connect with DLX: Integrations for Lab Instruments, Applications and Systems

Integrate every instrument, application and system in your laboratory. Our integration platform is brand agnostic, ensuring connectivity to every asset, now and in the future.

Cloud-Based benefits
Break free from point-to-point connections. DLX’s cloud-based platform drives faster deployment speed, ease of scalability, reduced validation burden, and lower total operating costs.

Pre-built connectors
We build and maintain connectors based on vendor APIs and SDKs so you don’t have to. If you upgrade the software on one of your assets, we’ll handle the connector upgrade for you.

No instrument left behind
Connecting everything in your lab is our goal. Whether you’re working with legacy systems without APIs or the most advanced assets, we’ll help you integrate it all. Even your oldest instruments can be connected with DLX, allowing limited data output to be enriched.

Easily connect new endpoints:
Just purchased a new balance, pH meter or LC/MS system? Select and the add the connector for your new endpoint quickly and simply.

DLX Connector Categories

Device connectors
Device connectors can connect to any non-PC based device (balance, pH meter, titrator, etc.), even if that device has no user interface.

Webservice connectors
Webservice connectors allow web based systems (ELNs, LIMS) and applications (Office 365, Google apps, Dropbox, etc.) to be connected.

Application connectors
Application connectors are available for virtually any PC-based instrument that allows exchange via flat files, such as Waters Empower, Tecan Magellan, Mettler-Toledo LabX, Thermo Fisher Chromeleon, and more.

Building the interconnected laboratory: data mobility to support digital transformation

The guiding principle, defined and adopted by the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE), is Pharma 4.0™, a trademarked concept that aims to bring the pharmaceutical industry in line with Industry 4.0. Specifically, Pharma 4.0 provides practical guidance and regulatory best practices for enabling a greater degree of digitization, integration, and transparency based on the Pharmaceutical Quality System, ICH Q10.1


Take a look at the DLX platform for yourself to see how easy it is to bring your lab into the future.