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Scitara + AWS

The first iPaaS for science is now available through the AWS Marketplace

Progress made easy

Scitara is proud to partner with Amazon Web Services to make it easier to access and deploy our state-of-the-art iPaaS for science platform.

  • Powerful automation with orchestration capabilities for complex workflows
  • Peer-to-peer connectivity for true data mobility
  • Out of the box functionality for accelerated time to value and compliance

Connect instruments, applications, services and people

Our connector technologies and vendor-agnostic configuration tools enable you to create and support a truly connected lab.

  • Simple device connectors
  • Instrument application connectors
  • Informatics and web service connectors
  • Integration capabilities
  • QR code technology

Orchestrate and automate workflows

Our orchestration engine automates most routine, complex and repetitive tasks, and provides an auditable digital custody chain that eliminates manual transcription and ensures data integrity.

  • Support for simple instruments, file processing, web services, long-tail applications and LIMS/ELN multi-step requests
  • User and group notifications
  • A powerful parsing engine
  • Access to data in flight

Monitor instruments, workflows and processes

Our event stream and audit trail give you a real-time visualization of digital transactions—and unprecedented insight into lab operations.

  • Instrument and connection status updates
  • An orchestration dashboard
  • Compliance for data in flight
  • User and group notifications

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