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Scitara DLX for Bioprocessing

Unlock the potential for process optimization and innovation in your bioprocessing lab with Scitara DLX. Tailored to seamlessly integrate into your workflows, DLX serves as a catalyst for digital transformation, empowering your team to achieve unparalleled efficiency and results.

Easily integrate all instruments, applications and bioreactors with our extensive library of pre-built connectors.

Streaming Connectors
Enable real-time data streaming from bioreactors based on industry standards like OPC DA and OPC UA, ensuring up-to-the-minute insights.

Instrument Connectors
Connect diverse instruments critical to bioprocessing, including plate readers, cell counters, centrifuges, and more.

Application Connectors
Streamline connections with popular applications like cytiva UNICORN™, Waters™ Empower, Thermo Scientific™ Chromeleon™, Shimadzu LabSolutions™, Agilent OpenLab™, and Mettler-Toledo LabX™.

ELN & LIMS Connectors
Seamlessly connect widely used ELNs like Benchling, IDBS Polar, and Revvity Signals, along with LIMS solutions such as LabVantage and LabWare.

Data Lake Connectors
Seamlessly connect to data lakes like Snowflake’s Data Cloud™ and Amazon RedShift™ to optimize data storage and analysis.

Automate Intelligent Workflows

DLX empowers your bioprocessing lab to automate both upstream and downstream processing data flows. From correlating process parameters with purification results to enhancing overall workflow efficiency, DLX is your gateway to intelligent automation.

Monitor Lab Status

Experience centralized management of integrations for both upstream and downstream processing. DLX’s monitoring features provide real-time insights into your lab’s connections, orchestrations, and instrument utilization, ensuring streamlined operations.

DLX Benefits for Bioprocess Labs

Real-time Bioreactor Monitoring
DLX captures real-time bioreactor data using industry standard protocols based on OPC in addition to analytical results, enabling deeper insight into your upstream process.

Real-Time Data Exchange with ELN/LIMS
DLX aligns ELN/LIMS entries with real-time data collection and analysis to make documentation of evolving bioprocesses effortless and provide deeper insights to drive informed decision-making.

Optimize Downstream Purification Workflows
Learnings from growth and analysis steps drive decisions around downstream purification workflows to optimize for purity and stability.

Take a look at the DLX platform for yourself to see how easy it is to bring your lab into the future.