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Scitara DLX for QC Labs

Reduce turnaround times, cut costs, and improve data integrity without sacrificing compliance. Scitara DLX supports your right first time (RFT) initiative by eliminating errors from manual data transcriptions.

Streamline workflows with effortless integration. We provide pre-built connectors for the most common QC needs, including:

LIMS & LES Connectors
Connect effortlessly with widely used Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) and Laboratory Execution Systems (LES) such as LabVantage™, LabWare™, BIOVIA™, STARLIMS™, Veeva Vault LIMS™, and more.

Application Connectors
Integrate with popular QC laboratory applications like Waters™ Empower, Thermo Scientific™ Chromeleon™, Shimadzu LabSolutions™, Agilent OpenLab™, and Mettler-Toledo LabX™ to facilitate data transfer and reduce manual data entry efforts.

Instrument Connectors
Connect a diverse range of QC instruments, including pH meters, balances, cell counters, titrators, densitometers, colorimeters, and osmometers.

Data Repository Connectors
Connect with data lakes like Snowflake’s Data Cloud™, Amazon RedShift™, and other repositories like SDMS and Amazon S3 to efficiently store, manage and analyze large volumes of data.

Automate Your Workflows

DLX enables Quality Control labs to set up orchestrations that automate even your most complex lab processes, including pushing sample sets from your LIMS to instruments, parsing instrument reports, returning results to LIMS, and moving files to storage. When approval is required, you’ll receive automatic notifications.

Monitor Your Ecosystem

Get comprehensive insight into your laboratory operations with DLX’s monitoring capabilities, including:

  • Real-time monitoring of connections and orchestrations
  • Centralized management for all integrations
  • Event stream and audit trails to ensure data integrity for data in flight and compliance

DLX Benefits for QC Labs

Data Integrity
DLX removes manual data entry from your workflows, allowing you to transfer data automatically between systems without introducing the potential for human error and greatly improving the quality of your data.

Scitara DLX maintains a fully compliant audit trail and event stream for inspection and review. Together these provide an immutable record of all activity within Scitara DLX.

Improved Productivity and Efficiency
Scitara DLX automates QC data management tasks, eliminating wasted time and costs due to human error. This in turn enables faster turnaround times and increased lab capacity without sacrificing compliance.

Take a look at the DLX platform for yourself to see how easy it is to bring your lab into the future.