Laboratories are at the forefront of innovation, continually pushing boundaries to bring new drugs and therapies to market. This pursuit of excellence demands a robust data mobility infrastructure that provides flexibility to facilitate Discovery and Research while also supporting GxP environments for Development and QC/Manufacturing. Data integrity is of paramount importance throughout the entire product lifecycle. Monitoring and real-time insights are necessary tools for lab managers in the digital age. Monitoring In DLX can be broken up into two parts:  

  • Lab Management/Operational Monitoring  
  • Data Integrity/Compliance 

Lab Management Support

Connection View: Lab managers need real-time visibility into the status and performance of digital endpoints within the lab connected ecosystem. From the web console, the Connections dashboard provides lab managers with a live view and status of connected digital endpoints. In the Connections dashboard, Connections are clearly marked as online, offline, or needing configuration quickly giving lab managers visibility into areas that need correction. This feature ensures that lab operations run smoothly, and any issues can be addressed promptly. 

Orchestration Execution View: Scitara DLX’s Orchestration execution view empowers lab managers to monitor Orchestration execution in real time. If any questions arise, they can immediately inspect the payloads, or the Orchestration itself, ensuring data accuracy and process integrity. Data In the Orchestration execution view is the same as the data stored In the Event Steam, but the Orchestration execution history provides lab managers with a transactional view of real-time data in the lab. This level of oversight is invaluable in minimizing errors and optimizing digital lab operations. 

Data Integrity and Compliance Support 

In the highly regulated areas of life sciences, compliance is paramount. Regulatory bodies require a meticulous record of actions taken in the lab. This is where the Audit Trail and Event Stream capabilities of Scitara DLX come into play. These features ensure that DLX configuration and transactional activity is recorded, creating a comprehensive chain of custody. This not only supports regulatory requirements and data integrity but also helps in internal quality control and accountability.  

The DLX Event Stream provides a detailed log of data exchange activities and captures every facet of the digital data journey from inception to destination. The DLX Audit Trail focuses on user-generated activities and system configuration changes. These capabilities are equally valuable to discovery labs as they are to Quality labs, resulting in researchers being better positioned to make faster and more accurate decisions in the drug discovery and development process.  

Event Stream: Enhanced Data Visibility 

The Event Stream focuses on recording data in transit, documenting the flow of data across the laboratory ecosystem. It offers insights into data exchanges and establishes a chain of custody, while serving as a meticulous chronicler of data exchange activity within the laboratory environment. The Event Stream captures payload data for DLX Orchestrations and events, including Connection Events and the Orchestrations they trigger, as well as any user or timer-triggered action that executes an Orchestration.  

The Event Stream provides enhanced visibility into data exchanges across connected devices. This visibility is a valuable complement to the Audit Trail and establishes a comprehensive record of data traceability.  

Furthermore, the event stream is immutable and is stored in the cloud. This feature ensures that historical data is preserved and remains accessible for future reference, audits, or analysis. With the Event Stream, you can be confident in the integrity of your data. It serves as the foundation for compliance with industry regulations, such as Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), by providing a transparent and tamper-evident data history.  

Audit Trail: A Permanent Record of User Activities 

The Scitara DLX Audit Trail is a compliance-driven feature that focuses on user activities and system changes. It records user logins, actions, and security events, supplying a permanent record for accountability and audit purposes. In a world where compliance is paramount, transparency and accountability in user activities are non-negotiable. The Audit Trail is immutable and permanent, ensuring that once an event is recorded, it cannot be altered or deleted. Authorized users can access various key details related to user actions and configurations, allowing for easy monitoring and tracking activities within the Scitara DLX platform. 

Changes to DLX configuration parameters are recorded in the Audit Trail. The Audit Trail offers the flexibility to filter logs by user, event kind, or date range, allowing for users to easily pinpoint specific activities and events for analysis or audit purposes.  

You can easily download the event information displayed in the Audit Trail window in .CSV or PDF format. This makes it convenient to archive, analyze, or share event data. For a deeper understanding of any specific event, you can click anywhere on the event row to view detailed information, providing context and insights into each recorded action. 


The Scitara DLX Monitoring capabilities provide Lab Managers, IT professionals and Compliance experts with the tools they need to properly manage a fully connected digital lab. The DLX Event Stream and Audit Trail support the drive for data integrity, compliance, and operational excellence in the laboratory. In an era where every data point matters, harnessing insights from these interfaces is the path to safer, more accurate, and more efficient pharmaceutical research. The Monitoring dashboards, Event Stream and Audit Trail are your indispensable keys to unlocking the full potential of data in the modern laboratory. 

Contact us today to schedule a demo of Scitara DLX and discover how the Event Stream and Audit Trail promote compliance and data Integrity in the modern lab. Explore the possibilities of Lab Data Automation in your quest to transform your laboratory into the Lab of the Future.