Progress takes partnership.

That’s why we’re collaborating with eLabNext. eLabNext has spent over a decade helping analytical labs improve research, optimize workflows and increase productivity with breakthrough, all-in-one Digital Lab Platform (DLP). Their vision of a customer-centric digital lab experience—where scientists are free to finally tap into the power of Industry 4.0—is completely aligned with our own. And together, there is no stopping us.

What’s in it for you?

Scitara and eLabNext are working together to usher in a new era of scientific research—one that allows labs to break through the siloes, liberate their data, and automate workflows. Combining a powerful lab management software solution with the industry’s leading scientific integration platform accelerates your lab’s digital transformation while improving digital data integrity and overall compliance.

Want to Learn More?

  • Talk to your eLabNext representative about how eLabNext and Scitara can drive digital transformation in your lab and beyond

About eLabJournal -More than an ELN

Ideal for any lab. Whether you’re just starting up, a small or large academic institution, or globally operating company, your R&D lab can benefit from the elevating power of eLabJournal electronic laboratory notebook.

  • Trace, match, and visualize your exact lab workflow
  • Improve productivity and collaborative efforts
  • Elevate research with a truly secure and compliant online lab notebook

About Scitara DLX – Digital Transformation

DLX automates most routine, complex and repetitive tasks. And by providing an auditable digital custody chain, it eliminates the need for manual transcription and ensures data integrity.

  • Support for simple instruments, file processing, web services, long tail applications and LIMS/ELN multi-step requests
  • User and group notifications with data review, confirmation, and signoff steps
  • A powerful parsing engine that identifies and structures key data
  • Access to data in flight, enabling you to re-shape or perform calculations as needed to make decisions
  • Designed from the ground up for use in both R&D and regulated environments

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