Digitally integrating lab assets has been done for many years so one of the questions we often get is what is different about Scitara’s approach? Scitara DLX, the first iPaaS for Science, connects every instrument, application and system in the lab to a decentralized peer-to-peer platform—mobilizing data across your entire enterprise. 

How is it different from other approaches? In several ways. 

Liberation, not aggregation 

DLX decouples data connectivity from data aggregation, mobilizing data across every endpoint in the lab. This makes it possible to free your data from vendor-owned repositories that makes it more difficult for scientists to share critical information. 

Infrastructure, not application 

DLX is a transactional infrastructure that can be integrated seamlessly into your lab ecosystem—not another application your lab team needs to figure out. When configured properly, your team won’t even know it’s there.  

Customer-controlled, not vendor-owned 

DLX’s web-enabled interface allows lab managers and IT staff to easily configure connectors and orchestrations and modify workflows. A commercial, customer-controlled platform, it prevents anything from coming between scientists and scientific data—and helps you avoid the validation and data integrity issues often associated with hardwired, vendor-owned systems. 

Compliance, not complications 

DLX provides an auditable digital custody chain that improves compliance, eliminates manual transcription and ensures the integrity of data in flight. This enables you to capture and reconstruct data at any time to gain insight into lab operations and optimize systems.  

Control, not chaos 

DLX delivers total system control, with TLS1.2 and above cryptographic protocol for data in transit and 256-bit advanced encryption standards for data at rest. 

Performance, not problems 

DLX makes it possible to automate tasks, enable intelligent alerts and notifications, and exchange data securely. Cluster management tools, traffic flow monitoring solutions and a Grafana dashboard ensure data high availability and optimal performance. 

A modern approach to integration 

The transformative power of our DLX technology is poised to usher in a new era for analytical labs—one in which critical information can be freely and rapidly exchanged, and science can be safely accelerated. It heralds a fundamental shift in how we think about data in the lab and it’ll help ensure that your lab can adapt, evolve and thrive.