Powering the Digital Transformation of Scientific Laboratories

Scitara is a global provider of laboratory-specific, cloud-based software solutions for the life sciences and other science-based industries. By providing lab data connectivity infrastructure and tools that accelerate science, our solutions enable the digital transformation of scientific laboratories.

Through Scitara DLXTM’s proprietary connector technology, you can connect any device, instrument, application, informatics system, web service, or lab resource using plug-and-play connectivity.

A powerful and easy-to-use orchestration engine enables Scitara DLXTM to automate workflows, task notifications, and bi-directional data exchange, allowing data to be compliantly transformed in flight.

Connect: “No Instrument or Application Left Behind”

The Scitara team is committed to developing connectors for instruments, software applications, and web services to drive the realization of an open digital data exchange platform that embraces the instrument diversity found in most labs.

Through the Scitara DLXTM universal, secure data exchange infrastructure, any lab instrument, application, or service can be connected:

  • Multiple connection technologies support legacy and modern instruments
  • Hundreds of instruments and applications supported are through flexible configuration tools
  • Quickly and easily add new devices and applications as needed
  • Open framework for third parties to add new connectors

Orchestrate: “Unlock the Power of Lab Automation”

The Scitara DLXTM platform supports peer-to-peer information exchange between all instruments and applications. Once an instrument or application is connected to Scitara DLX™, it has access to any other instrument or application on the platform.

By delivering unrivaled automation of laboratory workflows – with a powerful and easy-to-use orchestration engine, the majority of routine, complex, and repetitive tasks can be automated, along with intelligent user notifications and remote working capabilities​.

  • Enhances data integrity for output from simple instruments, eliminates manual transcription, and deploys an auditable chain of custody for simple instrument output.
  • Scannable QR code technology links the instrument to the Scitara DLX™ platform and an authenticated user taking measurements.
  • Take measurements using a tablet, phone, or PC using the web-based Scitara DLX™ interface.
  • Review and signoff steps are supported as well as the incorporation of multi-step requests from LIMS or ELN. Instrument-to-instrument communications are also supported, e.g., sending balance weights directly to CDS.
  • Reduce “in lab time” through targeted notifications for required lab activity.
  • User/group notification via text or email with data review, confirmation, and signoff steps.

Monitor: “Gain Vital Insights”

By providing unprecedented insights into laboratory and scientific operations – the Scitara DLX™ monitoring system ensures every data transaction in the lab is captured and made available for further analysis and decision making​.

  • Full visualization of digital transactional activity as it happens
  • Event stream and audit trail provide full transaction history
  • Lab instrument and connection status
  • Workflow progress and bottlenecks
  • User and group notification

Conclusion: “Transforming Lab Connectivity”

As a neutral third party, Scitara performs high-quality analysis for customers in an industry dominated by large instrument and application vendors. With an open and universal connector infrastructure that allows legacy and current instruments, applications, and web services to connect to the cloud-based platform, customers can assemble and connect best-of-breed lab instruments, applications, and other resources driving a true digital transformation without compromise.

Scitara’s cloud-based technology provides a standardized platform for communication and automated workflows lab-wide. This dramatically simplifies the overall integration framework and makes automation possible where it was not possible before. As a result of Scitara’s innovative informatics solutions, science-based industries are accelerating the development of life-saving therapies by providing a critical missing piece to their digital transformation efforts.

Why it Matters for You

Scitara’s DLX™ solutions are powering the digital transformation of scientific laboratories by enabling them with modern lab data connectivity infrastructure and tools to accelerate science.​

  • Plug-and-play connector technology for modern and legacy instruments, software applications and web services drive the realization of an open digital data exchange platform
  • Innovative IoT technology allows the secure, authenticated connection of virtually any non-PC-based device with a documented serial or Bluetooth API.
  • Once connected, they become part of event-driven Scitara DLX™ Orchestrations to automate, simplify and manage the exchange of data, putting the entire lab world of digital data at your fingertips.