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Community Guidelines

Welcome to Scitara’s Community! We’re so happy you’re here!

This is a space where you can interact directly with Scitara and other customers to share your experiences, give feedback, and collaborate with other users to maximize your experience as a DLX user!

To ensure everyone has a great experience within our communities, we ask that you observe these community guidelines and rules:

Report concerns and abuse

If you observe any  guidelines violations or have other concerns about behavior or content within the community, please contact the Scitara support team. Don’t forget to tell us why you think the content or behavior is inappropriate in your report so we can easily locate it.

Getting help

The community is a great place to collaborate with other users, share ideas, and stay informed of DLX updates! But we know that sometimes you need to reach Scitara support directly. While Scitara monitors submissions to the community, we recommend contacting Scitara support directly if you have an urgent issue. This includes the diagnosis and resolution of suspected bugs and other product defects that you may encounter.

Scitara reserves the right to enforce these rules as necessary to ensure a positive community experience for its members, including taking actions such as:

  • Removing prohibited content
  • Editing submissions to remove prohibited content
  • Restricting account permissions
  • Deactivating or removing accounts