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Discover true data mobility

Revolutionize lab infrastructure.

Digital transformation requires data mobility

It’s that simple. If data is trapped in a vendor-controlled repository, it can’t be used to advance science. Our iPaaS for science makes it possible to integrate instruments, applications and systems without trapping data in a proprietary data lake—so scientists can control where it goes and when it goes there.

The power of digital decoupling

Scitara’s Digital Lab Exchange DLXTM decouples data connectivity from data aggregation. This enables you to connect your entire lab enterprise to a common, cloud-based digital platform without trapping it in a proprietary repository.

The industry’s first iPaaS

The Scitara DLXTM connects new and legacy systems within a flexible, cloud-based infrastructure that enables universal connectivity and true data mobility—making it the world’s first iPaaS for science.

The key to productivity and compliance

By mobilizing data and automating workflows, the Scitara DLXTM enables an agile lab ecosystem that reduces human error, improves regulatory compliance and accelerates time-to-market.

Don’t sacrifice control to mobilize data

Leveraging technologies like AI and ML to create a modern, connected laboratory isn’t enough. To complete your lab’s digital transformation, you’ll need to truly mobilize data and keep it where it belongs—in the hands of the scientists who need it.

A New Vision of Digital Transformation
Get Stalled Informatics Projects Back on Track