Marlborough, MA – Scitara Corporation, an innovator in laboratory digital transformation, has launched a ground-breaking advanced integration platform that creates a new industry category for the laboratory and scientific communities. The new Scitara DLX™ presents a solution to the lab connectivity challenge that has dogged the industry for decades and, for the first time, allows true data mobility throughout the scientific enterprise.

The newly announced iPaaS for science category is a cloud native infrastructure that allows modern laboratories to realize the full benefit of digital transformation. Scitara DLX establishes a flexible and adaptable framework that helps access and share scientific data across the enterprise, supporting the concept of the self-enabled scientist by facilitating a fully connected laboratory and an in situ configurable platform. Scitara DLX™ forms an independent and vendor-agnostic integration layer with a new level of intelligence and automation in data management for the laboratory.

Founder and CEO Ajit Nagral commented: “The problem we have solved for the life sciences sector is the age-old issue of access to data. Without a platform that connects all instrumentation and resources in the lab, the sector will never be able to achieve the digital transformation we’re seeing revolutionize other industries. For the first time, we have delivered a means to achieve true data mobility, overcoming the barriers of legacy systems, lab systems tied to a single vendor, and insurmountable technical debt. Scitara DLX represents a new paradigm for the industry that includes universal connectivity, automation, and end-to-end data integrity.”

Scitara DLX enables laboratories and science-based organizations to access the advantages of data mobility, irrespective of the digital platforms already deployed. It automates scientific data exchange across multiple endpoints and interfaces existing informatics platforms – such as LIMS, ELN, MES and instruments, as well as instrument-specific analysis systems such as HPLC and LCMS. Scitara DLX also creates a configurable infrastructure to manage the feeding and curation of data for data lakes, irrespective of the source.

By accelerating the delivery, accessibility and sharing of scientific data across the enterprise, Scitara DLX brings the life science industry a step closer to Pharma 4.0.

Read our all new whitepaper, ‘Building the interconnected laboratory: data mobility to support digital transformation,’ to learn more about the benefits of Scitara DLX.

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