At Scitara, our mission is to revolutionize laboratories by enabling seamless digital integration of all lab assets, eliminating the need for paper, manual transcriptions, and isolated data. To solve this problem, we developed the first iPaaS for Science: Scitara DLX. Our cutting-edge solution is already making a profound impact on laboratories and businesses around the world by helping them to unlock the power of automation and realize the true value of their data.

The release of Scitara DLX 2023 R1 marks a significant milestone in our continuous development efforts. Listening closely to our valued customers, we have focused on enhancements that greatly simplify the adoption and deployment of Scitara DLX. With our newly introduced contextual help center, users now have access to comprehensive user assistance content and release notes, providing guidance on configuring connectors, leveraging the power of the DLX web console, and offering expert advice on setting up orchestrations.

Another standout feature is the expression editor, which offers a simplified visual interface for referencing, mapping, and transforming data. This empowers users to configure trigger conditions, step conditions, and step options, lowering the skill barrier to constructing sophisticated automations. We continue to revolutionize the way data is managed, enhancing efficiency, and reducing reliance on technical expertise.

Now, more than ever, it is the perfect moment to fast-track your lab’s digital transformation. Scitara DLX is here to propel your laboratory operations into the future, eliminating bottlenecks and empowering your team to achieve unprecedented levels of productivity and collaboration. Join us on this transformative journey today!