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Now’s the time to modernize

While industries across the globe have embraced the sweeping advancements of Industry 4.0, analytical labs have been slow to adapt. Data silos, manual workflows and vendor-controlled data repositories continue to delay and disrupt scientific discovery.

The solution? A breakthrough iPaaS for Science that modernizes lab infrastructure and liberates lab data.

Our Scientific Integration Platform delivers:

True data mobility

Liberate data from point-to-point connections and proprietary data lakes to enable scientists to access and share it at will across every lab touchpoint.

Digital decoupling

Separate data connectivity from data aggregation to maintain total control over where data goes and what format it goes in.

Universal connectivity

Connect every instrument and application to free the flow of data across your entire lab enterprise—and seamlessly integrate new capabilities with legacy systems.

Peer-to-peer networking

Facilitate the free exchange of data between scientists, labs and businesses—and accelerate collaboration that advances scientific knowledge.

Automation is everything

Manual tasks and inefficient workflows pose a real threat to data accuracy, lab productivity and regulatory compliance. Automation is critical to reducing human error and unlocking the true power of the analytical lab.

Improve data accuracy

Manual transcription and data entry introduce a host of human errors that impact data reliability—as well as go-to-market timelines and patient safety.

Reduce cost

The Data Warehouse Institute estimates that U.S. businesses lose $600 billion every year due to bad, inaccurate or missing data.

Optimize human capital

Automating manual, repetitive tasks enables scientists to spend less time analyzing and correcting errors and more time advancing science.

A New Vision of Digital Transformation
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