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Powering Laboratory Digital Transformation


Scitara’s DLX™ cloud platform is pioneering a data connectivity revolution in the scientific laboratory by combining the benefits of modern cloud-based architecture, with vendor-agnostic, secure, regulatory compliant, laboratory-specific functionality​.

Meet the Modern Lab™.

Connect Lab Instruments, Applications and Services

  • Simple devices
  • Instrument Applications
  • Informatics Systems
  • Web Services

No instrument or application
left behind!

Orchestrate and Automate Lab Workflows

  • Event driven lab workflows
  • User and Group Notification
  • Business logic and processing for data in flight
  • Automated data transfer between instruments and applications

Unlock the power of automation

Monitor Lab Instruments, Workflows, Processes and More

  • Instrument status & availability
  • Workflow progress
  • Instrument & Application inventory
  • Digital transactional activity

Gain vital insights

From biopharma and small molecule drug development to non-pharma chemical, food, industrial and testing labs.

Put the full power of all your lab resources at your fingertips.
See what your lab can really do.


No Instrument or Application Left Behind

Connect the universe of lab instruments, applications and services through our universal, secure data exchange infrastructure:


  • Multiple connection technologies supporting legacy and modern instruments
  • Hundreds of instruments and applications supported through flexible configuration tools
  • Quickly and easily add new devices and applications as needed
  • Open framework for third parties to add new connectors

At Scitara, we embrace the instrument and application diversity found in most labs and are committed to developing Connectors for instruments, software applications and web services (together with our partners) to drive the realization of an open digital data exchange platform.


By offering unparalleled data connectivity in scientific laboratories – our unique plug-and-play connector technology ensures no data, device instrument, application, or web service is left behind

Simple Device

Simple Device Connectors support non PC based instruments such as balances, titrators, pH meters, particle counters and more, including many legacy instruments.


Innovative IoT technology allows the secure, authenticated connection of virtually any non PC based device with a documented serial or bluetooth API.


Enhanced data integrity position.


Include formerly isolated devices as part of an event driven Scitara DLX™ Orchestration to automate, simplify and manage the movement of digital data within the lab.

Instrument Application Connectors

Instrument Application Connectors support multi-directional digital data exchange for PC based instruments and applications such as HPLC, GC, LC/MS, plate readers or any other PC based instrument or analyzer.


Our flexible file Connector allows quick configuration and text extraction for any instrument that communicates using file drops. Whether API or file based, connect your enterprise or stand-alone pc based instruments to the Scitara DLX Digital Lab Exchange.


Once connected, they become part of event driven Scitara DLX™ Orchestrations to automate, simplify and manage the movement of digital data within the lab.

Informatics and Web Service Connectors

Informatics connectors support enterprise informatics applications such as LIMS, ELN, MES, ERP or Data Lake systems which may or may not be cloud based.


Web service connectors are designed to support cloud service applications such as Office 365, Google apps, Box and Dropbox.


These connectors enable multi-directional digital data exchange with instruments and software of any other connector type, putting the entire lab world of digital data at your fingertips.

Contact us for more information!

Contact us for more information!

Contact us for more information!

Scitara DLX™ is vendor and format agnostic. We are fully compatible with industry standard formats such as Allotrope, AnIML and SiLa. At the same time we embrace vendor diversity and have created a digital data exchange platform that connects that diversity to a lab wide common communication backbone.


Scitara is establishing a Connector Community for open dialog regarding integration and connection strategy. As part of this, Scitara is committing to supporting an open source model for connector creation that will be published on our Community web site. Stay tuned for more information as this site gets built out.


We invite Vendors and customers to partner with us and contribute to our Connector Library


Unlock the Power of Automation

The wide diversity of lab instruments, software and web services creates a challenge to manage workflows and digital data that involve multiple vendors and applications, some of which are not PC based. All instruments and applications connected to the Scitara DLX™ platform are peers and can exchange information. Once an instrument or application is connected to Scitara DLX™, they have access to any other instrument or application on the platform.


By delivering unrivaled automation of laboratory workflows – with our powerful and easy to use orchestration engine, the majority of routine, complex, and repetitive tasks can be automated, along with intelligent user notifications and remote working capabilities​.


Below are just a few examples of the thousands of potential workflows that the Scitara Digital Lab Exchange can make available

  • Enhanced data integrity for output from simple instruments, eliminate manual transcription and deploy auditable chain of custody for simple instrument output
  • Scannable QR code technology links to the instrument to the Scitara DLX™ platform and an authenticated user taking measurements.
  • Take measurements using a tablet, phone or PC using the web based Scitara DLX™ interface
  • Review and signoff steps are supported as well as incorporation of multi-step requests from LIMS or ELN. Instrument to instrument communications are also supported, e.g sending balance weights directly to CDS.
  • Reduce “in lab time” through targeted notifications for required lab activity
  • User/group notification via text or email with data review, confirmation and signoff steps

For more information about how Scitara DLX supports simple instruments, contact us!

  • Finally include “long tail” applications and automated text file processing in your digital transformation strategy with ease
  • Ensure reproducible procedural efficiency as well as data integrity for data in flight
  • Access web services such as Office 365 or Google cloud applications in an automated secure fashion that does not require manual user intervention
  • Reduce “in lab time” through targeted user notifications for required lab activity
  • User/group notification via text or email with data review, confirmation and signoff steps

For more information about how Scitara DLX™ supports PC based applications via API or file transfer, contact us!

  • Support E-Notebook, LIMS or other enterprise application (MES, ERP, LES) requests for analysis
  • Manage and guide a multi-step, multi-directional data flow across multiple instruments and applications
  • Capture final analysis results for inclusion in the requesting application.
  • Full transactional auditing
  • Reduce “in lab time” through targeted user notifications for required lab activity
  • User/group notification via text or email with data review, confirmation and signoff steps

The Scitara DLX™ system supports full event driven multi-step workflows. In this example, a full round trip is completed with no file transfers needed based upon the software and instruments used. All transactional information is captured in the Scitara DLX™ Event Stream.

For more information about how Scitara DLX™ supports Enterprise Informatics applications and connections to instruments, including simple devices, contact us!

Built on Scitara DLX™ universal connector technology

Simple end user task automation, no programming required
Advanced tools for sophisticated workflow automation
Configure event-driven data exchange between multiple connection points
Construct multi destination data flows
Expand your automation footprint to include legacy devices, instruments and applications


Gain Vital Insights

Full visualization of digital transactional activity as it happens

Event stream and audit trail provide full transaction history

Lab instrument and connection status

Workflow progress and bottlenecks

User and group notification


By providing unprecedented insights into laboratory and scientific operations – our monitoring system ensures every data transaction in the lab is captured and made available for further analysis and decision making​.

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