There’s nothing simple about bringing large, complex molecule products to market. And disconnected systems, inefficient workflows and vendor-owned data repositories only make matters worse. The first iPaaS for science, our DLX technology gives biologics manufacturers the speed, automation and accessibility they need to ensure effective, timely delivery and streamline laboratory workflow automation.

Here is an example of the impact that laboratory automation software like Scitara DLX can have on a biologics workflow.

Before DLX

A world-leading biologics manufacturer implemented DLX in hopes of reducing both cost and cycle time. Prior to implementation, the lab flow in question looked like this:

  • LES requests flow cytometry analysis of samples
  • Flow cytometer performs the analysis
  • Sample results are entered into LIMS

The challenge was the need for manual transcription of the LES sample list to the flow cytometer and the flow cytometer results to the LES. In the span of a single week, one site with one instrument conducted 576 manual transcriptions—requiring a total of 24 analyst hours. This analysis only considers the time to do the manual transcriptions. Because errors happen with manual transcriptions, the amount of time spent investigating these errors can be an order of magnitude higher. Scaled across multiple sites, many of which have multiple flow cytometry instruments, the challenge was even more pronounced.

After DLX

By automating manual processes, DLX does more than reduce man hours. It enables analytical labs to improve lab data integrity, boost lab productivity, increase regulatory compliance and embrace the digital laboratory revolution. In doing so, it dramatically reduces cost and frees scientists to abandon simple, repetitive tasks for higher value-added work.

For our world-leading biologics manufacturer, the results for one lab, only considering the elimination of the manual transcriptions were:

  • $190K reduction in yearly analyst labor costs for a single site with a single instrument
  • 24-hour reduction in test completion time

Meet the modern lab

Scitara’s revolutionary DLX technology is enabling analytical labs to finally capitalize on the promise of Industry 4.0—making it possible to deliver true data mobility, true digital transformation and seamless laboratory workflow automation while ensuring lab data integrity.

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