Experimentation. Observation. Analysis.

For centuries, scientific research has advanced by building workflows around this foundational process. And through them, scientists have been able to tackle the world’s most urgent, most complex problems.

Today, emerging technologies are making it possible to automate—and accelerate—lab workflows, potentially speeding the pace of scientific discovery by orders of magnitude.

And while it may be tough for labs to take a giant leap into full-blown digitalization, automation represents a critical, manageable first step. It enables you to eliminate manual processes that can easily disrupt or slow operations—and frees team members to focus on the high-value, high-skill tasks that truly advance research.

There are no small benefits
The perks of automation are astronomical. As siloed roles break down and throughput ratchets up, you’ll see a quick and profound return on investment.

Streamlined decision-making
Implementing automated information systems enables team members to spend less time on siloed, repetitive tasks and more time working together to overcome difficult challenges. This helps standardize and accelerate decision-making across the entire lab enterprise.

Improved data accuracy
Automating data transfer and calculations remove the risk of human error, enabling you to deliver more accurate, more detailed results in shorter periods of time.

Automation increases your capacity to process samples with the documentation and accuracy you need, making it easier to compare results, describe data history and capture the chain of data custody.

Greater efficiency
Budgetary constraints and staff shortages have put an increasing strain on human capital. Automating simple, repetitive workflows allows humans to put their educations and skill sets to better use, resulting in greater output rates, reduced turnaround times and improved productivity.

Faster speed-to-market
Automated research processes can dramatically reduce the time it takes you to translate results from “bench to bedside,” speeding the commercialization and deployment of life-saving therapies and industry-changing products.

Meet the modern labTM

Scitara’s breakthrough iPaaS for science lets you tap into the power of workflow automation by connecting devices, instruments and systems to a common, cloud-based platform.

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