The Best Path to Better Data Infrastructure

Digital transformation. Data integration. Enterprise connectivity.

These are, without a doubt, ambitious ideas. And daunting. Because they all point toward the promise of a fully connected network of instruments, applications, systems and processes—a giant leap for today’s labs.

But while a future of total connectivity brings with it increased productivity, improved accuracy and all the scientific discoveries that come with those things, the optimal way to realize that future remains to be seen.

Is there a viable alternative to a giant leap? Are small, measured steps even possible?

Yes. On both counts.

Digital transformation doesn’t have to be a sudden tectonic shift. It can happen in phases—which may simplify (and de-stress) the process of planning and preparation.

Consider the following first steps:

  • Integrating your most important lab instruments and applications into a common platform
  • Automating event-driven workflows and tasks
  • Monitoring digital transactions and workflows to gain visibility
  • Establishing true data mobility for better data sharing

Whether it’s connecting devices, orchestrating processes or monitoring activities to generate insights, there are relatively straightforward ways to realize some immediate benefits. Not to mention that small-scale deployment makes it easier to test, learn and course correct as needed.

So, where do you start? By identifying key needs and creating a funnel of ideas.

Once that’s done, you can begin your journey toward a fully connected, fully integrated lab—at a pace that works for you. And the more momentum you gain over time, the more ambitious your efforts can grow. Connect with Scitara today to learn more.