IT leaders working in today’s analytical labs face any number of unique and daunting challenges.

In an increasingly digital world, the sheer quantity of data that needs to be managed, stored and shared can be overwhelming. And in the rush to go paperless, many labs struggle to configure their IT infrastructure to properly centralize and mobilize all that information.

The result?

Stalled projects, wasted dollars and slower turnaround times that delay batch release.

In fact, 84% of lab informatics projects stall after pilot due to the inability of poorly integrated IT systems to get data where it needs to go.

At the heart of the problem are point-to-point integrations that trap information in silos and vendor-controlled repositories—where it’s difficult to access or share without significant delay.

Avoiding these obstacles means making system integration part of your digital transformation strategy—because as an afterthought, it can dramatically reduce productivity.

Our Digital Lab ExchangeTM (DLX)—the first iPaaS designed for science—can help.

Get more out of your informatics investments

DLX connects instruments, applications and informatics to a common, cloud-based platform, supporting the free flow of data across your lab enterprise—and helping you optimize your IT infrastructure to accelerate projects and improve ROI.

Here’s how:

  • Simplified tech stack
    DLX simplifies IT infrastructure, making it possible to seamlessly integrate new and legacy systems as needs and technologies change over time.
  • True data mobility
    DLX replaces point-to-point connections with a peer-to-peer network that enables you to access data when and where you need it—and get IT projects back on track.
  • Digital decoupling
    DLX separates data connectivity from data aggregation, eliminating the need for vendor-controlled repositories that isolate data and delay projects.

Rethink lab IT

Instrument integration is a critical part of your lab’s digital transformation—and the key to avoiding costly inefficiencies that slow cycle times and stall projects.

DLX streamlines the process of adopting new digital technologies—and maximizes the return on your IT investments.

Now’s the time to unlock your lab’s potential.

Now’s the time rethink lab IT.

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